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Our Customer Service

We are a team of down-to-earth individuals that will assist you in making a quick recovery and lose the awful habit of tobacco-based cigarette smoking. We keep the needs of our customers on priority so they handle their personal growth in the right manner. Assuring quality vape for you is the task on hand that we fulfill without any possible deflection. Our products can be selected from the catalog regarding the choice which is most preferred by you as per the needs.  We strongly believe in the true satisfaction of our customers. This is why; we take great pride in giving them their customized orders whenever they need them. We are diverse believers in quality assurance by the utmost delivery of the products with maximum quality.

Our Variety & Quality

Nic Salts City achieves sustainability by launching new products every now and then. We have delivered distinguished products and catered the industry to grow exponentially. Our variety has been established to deliver multiple quality flavors to our customers with different categorical divisions on the shelf. Within the flavors and categories, we deliver a 48 hours replacement warranty so that customers can exchange or return their products sealed if they bought the wrong material.

Why Choose Us?

We deliver you the products with huge pride where we can provide you with the highest standards of our hot-selling products in the UK. NIC Salt City also gives you different accessories thus you can add up to the products which you currently own. These are devised for you as per the plans and the ideas that are required by you, such as cases, coils, and Kbags.  If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us now or visit the help center. In case of placing your orders, you can call us now or fill out the form after selecting your product from our diverse categories.

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