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Disposable vapes offer the ultimate ease and are extremely popular among new switchers. Nic Salt City disposable vape mods are also famous inexperienced vapers. The device is ready to use and you can easily start vaping right away with no need of charging. Both of these things make them a great starter product and a perfect backup device especially when you’re on the go. If you’re tight on budget and want to save some money check out the disposable vape by Nic Salt City.

These are 500 milliamp-hour 2.4 mil capacity 50 milligram Nic salt strength disposables that are good for 575 puffs. They are regulated at a constant 3.6 volts and you can buy them here only at Nic Salt City at an amazing price. The look of these disposable vape pods is unique. There is stuff underneath like you could see a little light underneath whenever you smoke and little designs and diamonds underneath but then on top of all that is this big clear plastic wrap, so it gives kind of a 3d effect it looks pretty cool for a disposable pod. Usually, they are as simple as little, small black things, nothing crazy but these look kind of exquisite. It is not like they would have been expensive to make the man that is where most of the costs come from. 

Nic Salt City Best Sellers – Disposable Vape Pods

The best-selling vape flavours available at Nic Salt City include a long list and some quality options to choose from. For instance, ASAP Grape Nasty Fix Disposable Device, Banana Ice Beco Bar Disposable Device, Banana Ice QIS Disposable Device, Blackcurrant Cotton Candy Nasty Fix Disposable Device, Blue Raspberry QIS Disposable Device, Blue Razz Beco Bar Disposable Device, Blueberry Raspberry Salt Brew Co Switch Disposable Device, Bubblegum Ice Dinner Lady Vape Pen, and Cushman Mango Nasty Fix Disposable Device are number one choices of Nic Salt City customers. 


Nic Salt City just added some new flavours including Mango Ice QIS Disposable Device, Menthol Blast Beco Bar ULTD Disposable, Menthol Nasty Fix Disposable Device, Peach Ice Beco Bar Disposable Device, Peach Ice QIS Disposable Device, Pina Colada Beco Bar Disposable Device, Pink Lemonade Beco Bar Disposable Device, Pink Lemonade QIS Disposable Device, Raspberry Twist Beco Bar ULTD Disposable, Slow Blow Nasty Fix Disposable Device, Slush berry Beco Bar ULTD Disposable, Spearmint Beco Bar Disposable Device and Spearmint QIS Disposable Device on the wish of our customers.

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