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German Nurbö Nicotine Salts

Nicotine Salts like German Nurbö Nicotine Salts is a new form of e-liquid. It gives a higher amount of nicotine with a super-smooth throat hit. German Nurbo is a suitable choice if you are finding it hard to quit smoking. Because the flavours that this range of Nic salts has is quite similar to what a cigarette might feel like. And the little hint of fruits and menthol makes it a pleasant experience for any vaper. So if you are looking for something not too harsh as cigarettes but similar in experience then this Nic Salt range is your answer. 

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German Nurbö Flavours

German Nurbö Nicotine Salts are available in a range of flavours including Blue Slushie, Blueberry Bang, British Tobacco, Hubba Bubbles, Ice Menthol, Menthol Smooth, Nurbö, Rolling Tobacco and Salts Vimtonic.

Blue Slushie e-liquid by German Nurbö Nicotine Salts is a sweet mix of delicious slushies and gives a fruity throat hit. Blueberry Bang e-liquid by German Nurbö Nicotine Salts provides an unparalleled vaping experience with a dense and flavourful smooth exhale.  Menthol Smooth e-liquid by German Nurbö Nicotine Salts is an authentic taste with a refreshing fizz. Nasty Juice salts accompany a VG: PG proportion of 50:50. They are accessible in a decision of 20mg (2%) or 10mg (1%) of nicotine.

German Nurbö Concentrations

German Nurbö Nicotine Salts are accessible with nicotine qualities of 10mg and 20mg; These German Nurbö Nicotine Salts e-liquids are highly enchanting and make people fall in love with the unique and flavourful blend of authentic fruit notes and nicotine. Once you try German Nurbo Nic Salts, there is no going back. These Nic Salts are blended and packaged in the UK, focusing on sweet preferences and fruity flavour notes. German Nurbö Nicotine Salts is a famous UK maker known for valid organic product mixes with an intense taste.

NIc Salt City has a wide collection of German Nurbo Flavours in stock. If you are looking for the best options of this Nic salt range then we are your perfect one-stop shop. Apart from German Nurbo, Nic Salt CCity also have other major vaping and Nic salts brands in collections available at affordable prices. So if you plan to get the Nic salts delivered fastly to your doorstep without any hassle, contact us now and place your orders. 

Following are some strict notices you should consider before using a vape: 

  • Keep your electronic smoking device locked away at all times
  • If E-liquid is swallowed, seek full medical advice immediately
  • Nicotine can cause very serious harm to both man and the environment
  • All nicotine devices should be kept away from underage children
  • It should be locked and kept away from children and pets at all times


Nurbö Flavour



10mg, 20mg

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