Soda King Duo Salts


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A delicious blend of fruity mango.

Coilbenders cannot seem to stop embracing us with their amazing liquid- and now here comes the duo bunch!

5 amazing flavours in the Soda king Duo range, choose from these scrumptious flavours – you need to try these to believe vapers!

Unlike free-base Nicotine which is found in most common e-liquids and is still 97% safer than Smoking, Salt Nicotine is derived directly from the Leaf.

Making it not only smoother but, also much more adaptable to the taste and flavour of your e-liquid where “freebase” nicotine liquids struggle to deliver flavour at high strengths.

Salt Nicotine is also designed to enter the bloodstream at a far more efficient rate. Overall, nicotine salts will enhance your vaping experience.

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Soda King Duo Salts Flavour

Apple And Raspberry, Black ‘N’ Grape, Fruity Mango, Pink Lemonade, Soda King Duo Salts, Soda King Duo Salts Fruity Mango

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